Randomisation Technology

Randomisation Technology

Shuffling machines

In live casinos, card counting is regulated through dealers, camera, and automated shuffling machines. These days, casino view standard manual shuffling weak and slow, and there is the danger of dealers cooperating with the player to shuffle the cards inadequately. Therefore, automated shuffling machines are used instead. Please visit new online casinos usa and make extra money

Here’s what you need to know about automated shuffling machines:
They are very expensive casino equipment, and they are supposed to randomise cards. They are not perfect: they break and stick and malfunction. However, that’s pretty rare and you simply can’t rely on your machine acting out. It is also important to remember that they are also not all the same and are therefore unpredictable: they neither work nor malfunction in the same way.

Over the years these machines have become very sophisticated. New machines are much harder to beat than the machines of even ten years ago. Statisticians have been used to ensure that the cards that are dealt are randomised sufficiently to foil counting. After careful analysis, they found, for instance, that riffling machines, previously considered satisfactory, did not shuffle well enough and gave the player a significant advantage in guessing the outcome. These were summarily withdrawn.

There are two main types of shuffling machines: the CSM and the ASM. The CSM (Continuous Shuffling Machine) was designed particularly with card counters in mind. Its purpose was to foil counting. This machine shuffles the cards dealt in one hand back into the internal shoe after each hand is dealt.

The ASM (Automated Shuffling Machine) shuffles the whole shoe after the show is dealt. Basically, this means that a fresh shoe is shuffled while another is being dealt. This significantly speeds up the game. To counters, these machines are less of a threat than the CSM. Once a hand has been dealt, the dealer simply switches to a freshly shuffled shoe, and another is reshuffled in the meanwhile.

Reliable Casinos

Meta: This page briefly explains online casino algorithms and provides links to safety-certified online casinos.
Online games use a randomisation algorithm to an even better result. A computer can generate a perfect shuffle, and produce a completely random sequence of cards. That, and the fact that cards are reshuffled after each hand, makes counting in online Blackjack a very pointless exercise.

There are very many safe, eCOGRA -Certified sites out there. If you keep to the ones with the approved seal, your gaming experience should be both safe and pleasant. Here are some examples of perfectly safe, certified, online casinos who have fair play, best practice and customer enjoyment as their top priorities:

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